About Me

Hi, nice to meet you...

I don't know if anyone actually reads these but if you are, here's a little about me!

Hi, I’m Ariel

I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend.

A follower of Jesus.

I love adventure & traveling. So far visited 31 states with my husband.

If there is rain, I’m smiling.

I love fall crisp mornings.

Lover of cold coffee. No matter the season or time of day. Especially Pumpkin Spice.

Love jeans & a hoodie

I love to worship.

I’d rather be barefoot.


Music junkie.

Love plants but seems the feelings are not mutual.

My children are my EVERYTHING.

...their personalities, giggles, little prayers, funny jokes, little voices, baby toes...

Daughter to hard working parents that instilled the same within me.

Sister to my first friend.

Submitting wife.

Friend to a few very near in dear to my heart.

I know I am blessed.

I hope that I bless others.

LOVE capturing people & their stories.

&& Letting everything unfold in front of my lens.

Especially when something from the inside of their soul, makes it to the outside, in a photo.

I love this blessed life. 🖤

Above photo captured by the amazing Holly Mueller.